How To: Care for terrapins (turtles)

Care for terrapins (turtles)

Follow Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after Terrapins. Terrapins, or turtles as they are known outside the UK, are interesting pets but need committed owners as they can live for over 30 years. It is vital that terrapins are kept in the correct environment to prevent health problems. Healthy terrapins are alert and bright-eyed, and don't have discharge around the mouth and nose. Their shells should be hard without any discoloration or damage such as bumps or cracks. Keep your exotic pet healthy by giving it the proper environment. Watching this video to learn about proper ways to care for you pet including housing and bedding, handling, diet, exercise and play, cleaning, and health.

Care for terrapins (turtles)

Care for terrapins (turtles) Click through to watch this video on

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